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Posted: October 13, 2017

Music City Minute: Garth Brooks, Lee Brice, & Eric Church

Garth Brooks used to make news for retiring, and un-retiring… but those days are over. Completely. He says, "I can tell you my retiring days are behind me. I can tell you, you're gonna have to throw me out now."

Garth also wants you to know that artists who whine about touring are full of it. He also says, "If anybody sits up here and tells you that touring is working for a living, they're lying to you. It's the sweetest, easiest thing I've ever got to do."


Lee Brice has a new album coming out November 3rd and he wanted the sound to be real and full of emotion, and he felt the best way to do that would be to simplify.

Lee says, "There are no computer tricks, no artificial sounds. I set out to make an album that sounded like an album. An album that specifically had groove to it, without tricks. 

"I wanted it to be me and my players and my actual drummer and my bass player, playing instruments, period." 

He's very serious about this. Lee says, "Even when it sounds like a computer, I promise, we figured out a way to make that sound, to me, being real was everything. I wanted to put a little piece of everything about me, everything I am on this record." Lee will be back at Cowboys December 2nd, this is his current heartfelt single “Boy”:


Eric Church makes music for his fans, not the critics. So it makes no sense to him that the press gets their hands on the music before the people who are going to buy it. He says, "When you make a new record, critics are the mouthpiece to say, 'Hey, go buy this record'… and that's so backwards to me. Your biggest mouthpiece is the fans." If you’re a big fan of Eric Church don’t forget his concert special is tonight starting at 7 on the Audience Music Network – DirectTV Channel 239 and AT&T U-Verse Channel 1114!

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