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Posted: August 04, 2017

Music City Minute: Brett Eldredge, Kenny Chesney, and Blake Shelton

By Cardenas Chris

Brett Eldredge’s Self-Titled Album Released Today

Brett Eldredge’s new self-titled album dropped today! It’s the third studio album from Brett who described this as his most personal album yet. “It’s the most I’ve ever worked on a record, even more than my first album, I think,” Eldredge said in an interview with Billboard. “I think it crushes all my other ones.”

Check out the full track listing of ‘Brett Eldredge’: 

1. “Love Someone” 

2. “Superhero” 

3. “The Long Way” 

4. “The Reason” 

5. “Somethin’ I’m Good At” 

6. “Haven’t Met You” 

7. “No Stopping You” 

8. “Brother” 

9. “Heartbreaker” 

10. “Crystal Clear” 

11. “Cycles” 

12. “Castaway” 

Brett was a guest with J.R. & Beth in the Morning earlier this week and you can listen to that interview now on the Y100 app! 


Kenny Chesney Announces New Live Album

Kenny Chesney announced that he will be releasing a new album that is a compilation of his live shows over the last decade. It’ll be called No Shoes Nation: 10 Years of Concert hits and will feature 29 performances that include everything from stadium shows to bar gigs. Kenny said it’s important for people to be able to relive their time at his shows. 

“I wanted to make a live record to remind people how much fun some of these shows were,” said Kenny, “but also, to allow the fans that were there to relive those moments with their family, with their friends, or with their lovers, or a group of friends that came together.” Kenny said the live album serves as a timestamp to fans who want to relive the memories created at his shows.

“I’m really proud of this live record because we’ve been able to stamp time and stamp moments of everybody’s summer that meant a whole lot to them, and I felt like that, that was very important.” You’ll be able to purchase the live album when it hits stores on October 27th!

A Blake & Gwen Christmas In The Works?

There’s rumors we can have a Blake and Gwen Christmas! A source told Entertainment Tonight that Gwen has a new Christmas album on the way and will feature a track she wrote with Blake called “You Make It Feel Like Christmas”. For being rumors these are pretty specific details so we’ll have to wait and see what happens when the holidays arrive!

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