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Posted: November 05, 2017

Beth’s Backstage Blog From Nashville! 

For the next week we’re in Nashville for the CMA Awards! The show is Wednesday night at 7pm at the Bridgestone arena and we are SO excited. 

All this week we’re broadcasting live out here so tomorrow, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday you can hear us interviewing a ton of your favorite country artists!

I was able to come to Nashville a couple years ago as some of you might remember so I did a lot of fun tourist stuff then, I went to the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Ryman, and Studio B. So, this time I wanted to explore some of the shopping Nashville has to offer!

As soon as I landed I took an Uber to the hotel, dropped off my suitcases and hit the road! Let me just say it’s fall here you guys, the trees are BEAUTIFUL! I told J.R. we have to go to a park one day before we leave so I can take pictures of the trees and show you. Anyway, when I landed I was starving and like I do every time I go to a new city I checked out Yelp! to find the best food. I headed over to a restaurant called The Grilled Cheeserie and YOU GUYS this place was HEAVEN! 


I did my research and that restaurant was in one of the shopping neighborhoods called Hillsboro Village. I saw some cool “pieces” as all the fashionistas say, which means articles of clothing, haha, but I only found one.. ONE shirt! It’s just a green v-neck that can go with some jackets I have. Then after that neighborhood I went over to one called The Gulch, and 12 South. I did see an amazing jacket with fringe all over but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend $155 on it. That’s A LOT! 

After I shopped till I dropped I headed back to the hotel because my room was ready and unpacked everything, hung stuff on hangers, and got settled! J.R. was already at the hotel and was waiting for me to get ready. Right when I started to do my make-up I realized I FORGOT some off it! Crisis, seriously. I had to text J.R. and say “Look I’m sorry but I have to take an Uber to go buy this make-up” he laughed at me of course but crisis averted I got the make-up! 

Finally, I finished getting ready and met up with J.R. in the lobby and he’s been to Nashville several times so he knows where the cool spots are! We went over to a favorite bar of his called “Dawg House” and had a couple beers there after the make-up fiasco! 

Then he reminded me my FAVORITE place I’ve always wanted to go to is HERE! FGL House ya’ll! So we took an Uber over to the restaurant and bar that Florida Georgia Line own and it is AWESOME! Since I didn’t find a lot of clothes earlier at the shops, I totally need an FGL shirt as a souvenir, I didn’t want to carry it around all night so I’ll have to go back before we leave. 

Then, we went by Tootsie’s, a famous bar here in Nashville with TONS of live music on three different levels, it’s so cool! We saw one of J.R.’s friends and enjoyed some music. We thought we were finally staying out late for once and then we realized it was only 9pm haha! By this time we were both starving and I asked if we could eat at this yummy looking place I found on Yelp! called The Stillery, so we went there and had some amazing food! After that we were stuffed and called it a night!


Sunday November 5th:

Alright ya’ll today is the day! We have orientation for our CMA broadcast that starts tomorrow. The orientation is today at 5pm but until then we basically have free time. We got an extra hour of sleep with Daylight Saving Time so that was amazing! After eating everything on the planet yesterday I had to go get a workout in, so I can keep eating all the things! But of course before you work out you need to eat something so I decided to treat myself to room service while watching “Say Yes to the Dress” and it was so perfect! 

Then I headed over to this place I discovered in San Antonio called Cyclebar, it’s basically a fancier name for a spin class, except you get a mimosa after your work out! Talk about motivation! I ended up burning some calories from the mac and cheese I had last night.

The trees here are AMAZING, we’re heading to a park later this week to take some pictures of them, but just as a teaser I saw this on the ground and HAD to take a pic.

Eventually I met up with JR at the hotel and we met up with some of his friends back at Bad Dawgs where I had a boring, healthy, chicken salad. Then it was time to head over to the orientation where Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood gave a press conference!

Tomorrow we do the show live and heartbreakingly will talk about the tragedy that happened in Sutherland Springs, we just wanted to know we are with ya’ll in spirit even if we aren’t physically in Texas. It’s breaking our hearts and obviously something we can’t ignore. We aren’t sure of how Tuesday will go on air, but tomorrow our interviews start with the artists about CMAs so we’ll keep you posted. 

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