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Updated: August 29, 2012

How to prepare for a storm: 7 tips from our DealPros

By Crystal E Collins

With hurricane Isaac well on its way, this can be a scary time for everyone waiting in its path and for those that have friends and family in those areas as well.  While storms rage out of control, there are things that we can control and do to prepare for potential emergencies and disasters. Here are a few tips from our DealPros on how you can prepare for a storm. Get ready to batten down the hatches.  DealPro Tip #1: Stay Updated With The Path of The Storm. This tip comes from Heather of Family Friendly Frugality. Heather says "Tropical Storm Allison came inland and battered us with rain. I was fine that time. Than it DOUBLED BACK and that is when I was flash flooded and forced to evacuate my home." Knowing the path of your storm is very important. Read more about Heather's story and How to Prepare for Hurricane Season here

DealPro Tip #2: Get a Weather Radio. This tip goes along with the first tip, but it's especially important to note this because a lot of people may not think about the possibility of losing power. You may not have the internet or TV available in the midst of a storm, so it's important to have a weather radio on hand. This tip comes from DealPro Merissa of Little House Living. Read more of her tips on Preparing for a Tornado here

DealPro Tip #3: Pack Your Prescriptions. Amber from Coupon Connections talks about creating a 72-hour kit for emergencies, and one of her main tips is to pack your prescriptions. In a hurry, these could easily be forgotten, so make sure they are on your list to grab. Read more about what Amber recommends you bring in your 72-hour emergency kit here.

DealPro Tip #4: Have Two Emergency Supply Kits - one for your home and one for your car. This is a good reminder for any emergency from Renae of How to Have it All. Disasters and storms could hit whether you are at home or in your car, so it's important to be ready. Check out what Renae recommends you keep in your Disaster Preparedness Kits here

DealPro Tip #5: Have LED Lanterns, Flashlights and Batteries on Hand. You never know how long the power could be out if a storm hits your area, so always have plenty of these in stock. Christina from Northern Cheapskate shares this tip and more on Preparing for a Power Outage

DealPro Tip #6: Keep Your Pantry Stocked. Tiffany from My Litter suggests keeping a good stockpile of non-perishable goods on hand to be ready for storms. Check out how she stocks up her pantry and the coupons she recommends heading to the store with on her Hurricane Preparation Coupons post

DealPro Tip #7: If The Authorities Say Evacuate, Then Evacuate! This is probably the most important tip coming from Dian of Grocery Shop for Free. If it's time to get out, then be safe and get out. 

What are some of your tips for preparing for a storm?

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