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Posted: March 24, 2016

Monkey takes guy's GoPro and has fun doing it

By Cox Media Group National Content Desk

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Trent Houdek was visiting the Wildlife World Zoo in Phoenix, Arizona, Saturday when he and his friends approached a monkey enclosure.

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Houdek had his GoPro with him and used it to capture his visit.

At the exhibit, one monkey, which Houdek said is a Schmidt Gideon Monkey, took interest in the portable camera.

Houdek's friends can be heard telling him to give the monkey the camera.

When the monkey extends its hand through the cage, Houdek relents, and the monkey takes the GoPro.

The result is an almost three minute of video -- picked up by Mashable -- of the monkey playing with the camera.

The monkey had fun with the camera, holding it as if to take selfies upside down and sideways, and licking the camera to figure out what exactly it was.

At one point, the monkey can be seen tapping the camera as if it is trying to get something out of it.

"What, at the time, was a stressful couple of hours turned into some great footage of a monkey's interest in the camera," Houdek said in a caption of the video.

Watch the monkey play with a GoPro in the video below.

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