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Posted: January 02, 2018

Clues and Guesses

Congrats to Victoria from the Northside she guesses the Rodeo 100 Secret Sound and won $2000! The sound was “tapping a key and a gate remote on a cell phone”

Guess the sound and win $5000 PLUS you’ll instantly get rodeo tickets!

Thursday February 15th 9:10 Guess: a knife scraping on a cutting board 

Thursday February 15th 10:10 Guess: a handsaw cutting a piece of plywood 

Thursday February 15th 11:10 Guess: sanding a fence post 

Thursday February 15th 1:10 Guess: scrapping on a piece of metal

Thursday February 15th 2:10 Guess:  a saw cutting cardboard

Thursday February 15th 3:10 Guess:  rubbing your boots on a wood floor

Thursday February 15th 4:10 Guess:  a saw going back and forth on 2 pieces of wood

Friday February 16th 7:40 CLUE: two parts 

Friday February 16th 8:10 Guess: scrubbing carpet with a carpet cleaner 

Friday February 16th 9:10 Guess: a knife cutting cardboard

Friday February 16th 10:10 Guess: sawing a table 

Friday February 16th 11:10 Guess: a nail file rubbing against a counter 

Friday February 16th 1:10 Guess: nails running over plastic car upholstery 

Friday February 16th 2:10 Guess: hitting 2 sticks against the filling cabinet

Friday February 16th 3:10 Guess: a block scratching across a table

Friday February 16th 4:10 Guess: blowing into a microphone

Friday February 16th 4:40 CLUE: not what you would expect

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